“Stop Mononucleosis Dead in its Tracks”.
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You can now get my proven step-by-step strategy for banishing mononucleosis quickly and easily, and keeping it at bay once and for all.

What others are saying:

“My first diagnosis for mononucleosis was in August of 2006. I couldn’t get out of bed at all. I just couldn’t function. I had a chronic headache. Very, very severe fatigue – just couldn’t get out of bed. I felt like I had the flu. I wasn’t vomiting, but I just had chronic nausea 24 hours a day.

And I was ill for I’d say about eight months, until, I went online and I found Liz Noble’s website and I purchased her e-book and started following her suggestions.

Of course, I e-mailed her and she told me what other supplements to take. And within, I’d say it was in a week or so, I just started to feel more energetic. I just started to feel better. I can’t believe that now I feel I can hop out of bed. I am now functioning every single day.

And, it’s just a great feeling. I’m able to go out. I’m able to see my friends. I’m able to do things with my family. I’m able to have picnics. I just love to go outside. I love to look at my yard. I love to look at my flowers. The birds…I love every single day. And I just don’t sweat the small stuff. I really just appreciate every day that God gives me.

I can’t thank Liz enough. She is just an inspiration and I tell everybody. She just gave me my life back.”
Arlene, New Brunswick, New Jersey


Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of feeling miserable and run down, if your throat is red raw and swollen and you’ve finally had a gut full of mononucleosis… then this could be the most important letter you’ve read all year.

Here’s why…

There is now a safe and easy way to stop mononucleosis in its tracks… without undergoing expensive treatment and without taking a fistful of drugs either.

My name’s Carol Nobles and I’m a qualified naturopath. And I know first hand just how terrible it can be to suffer from the relentless pain of mononucleosis or glandular fever.

Several years ago, I was where you are now…feeling sick. Tired. Vulnerable. And angry because I couldn’t seem to get over my mononucleosis symptoms.

Before I became a naturopath, I was a long-term mononucleosis sufferer. I was diagnosed with the active Epstein Barr virus, which causes mononucleosis, as a child, and then again in my late teens.

I never seemed to get over it – suffering from recurrent sore throats, swollen glands and fatigue. Sometimes the pain in my throat was so bad it felt like I was swallowing broken glass. I hated the constant irritation and discomfort. The horrible pain when I swallowed. The yucky feeling of mucous stuck at the back of my throat.

I disliked the tender, swollen glands in my neck. The hoarseness of losing my voice. The pain that made it impossible to sleep well at night. And waking up with a throat so parched that I could hardly talk.

I also suffered ongoing fatigue. I could not get through a day without collapsing into bed during the day to sleep. Sometimes I pushed myself and dragged my feet through a day, but I ended up spending the next day in bed to recover.

In most cases my mononucleosis symptoms did not progress any further. But sometimes it seemed to develop into a thick, mucousy cold accompanied by headaches, runny nose, aching muscles and a racking cough. Occasionally it ended up in serious bronchitis. A couple of times I got pneumonia which made me feel like I’d been hit by a bus, and which took me months to get over.

I was baffled by what caused my recurrent mononucleosis…

My doctors did not seem to have a clue. I was sent on a futile merry-go-round of doctors appointments, medical tests, antibiotics and dangerous drugs.

Some medications made me as sick as a dog with pounding migraines, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, thrush and bright red skin rashes. Some drugs would give me relief for a few hours, then the inevitable sore throats, swollen glands and fatigue would return.

I fiercely yearned for some kind of diagnosis and offer of a cure. I was worried why my body had let me down.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you fed up with suffering from mononucleosis?

  • Do you have to get better fast for your work, studies or family commitments?
  • Do you hate the idea of going to work, school or university feeling sick?
  • Are you worried about the overwhelming amount of work or exams you’ll have to catch up with?
  • Do you dread having to answer the phone or chat socially because your throat hurts?
  • Do you feel agitated that you can’t shake your annoying mononucleosis symptoms and jump back on the bandwagon of life and work?
  • Do you despair at missing out on family activities and fun things you really want to do?
  • Do you feel inadequate and guilty that your body has let you down?
  • Are you terrified that your mononucleosis could end up as chronic fatigue syndrome or worse?

You are not alone! Mononucleosis can be a time of significant physical suffering, great uncertainty, frustration and distress.

Many mononucleosis sufferers experience great loss, forced to endure shattered hopes and dreams. There is also great strain on relationships. Mononucleosis can be a disaster for your social life. No one wants to date or be around someone with mono. The boss or colleagues may resent your frequent sick days. Your family and friends may complain that you seem detached, irritable or uncooperative.

Mononucleosis sufferers are often driven into silence, resentment, anger and depression. I believe that these frustrations and blocks are only something that a true mononucleosis sufferer can understand.

Thank you so much for your kind help and encouragement at a very discouraging time.

It is so inspiring to know that you were able to heal yourself from your infectious mononucleosis. Maybe if you could, I can too.

I was able to open and print your wonderful e book. I just wished I had ordered it months ago! I have known for two and a half years that I have been under too much stress and extremely unhappy with my life. Hmmm, it looks like I need to change it, as scary as it might be …

Your e book is helping me focus on very practical strategies, i.e. vitamins, herbs, affirmations etc. and it continues to give me hope. I feel like the riddle of my ailments has finally been solved. I have learned so much from you. Again, it is such a huge help to be able to communicate with you.

With lots of gratitude for your help and kindness!!! And thank you so much for taking the time to read my story!!! Your help has been so invaluable. You made me feel supported and normal in a crazy situation.

All the best to you.
Regina Y, Missouri, United States

My experience with mononucleosis motivated me to research its causes and treatments.

I spent years poring over library books, studying research papers and looking up medical journals for the latest breakthrough information. I interviewed doctors and natural health experts, and quizzed hundreds of patients on their success stories.

I was on a quest, a journey, a search to rid myself of mononucleosis once and for all. I threw my heart and soul into it.

I learnt that conventional drugs did not address the causes of mononucleosis. In many cases, drugs are immune draining and damaging to your health. The standard medical advice is often to go home and rest – even if it takes weeks, months or years!

In my desperation I researched and tried every alternative health therapy I could get my hands on, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Allergy programs
  • Ayurvedic diets
  • Bowel cleanses
  • Chinese herbs
  • Chiropractic
  • Elimination diets
  • Hair mineral tests
  • Homeopathy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Intravenous glutathione
  • Intravenous vitamin C
  • Massage
  • Mercury removal
  • Meditation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Vitamin and mineral therapy
  • Western herbs
  • Yoga

I passionately put what I’d learnt into practice. I tried and tested everything. What worked I kept. What didn’t work, I’d throw out in the garbage.

After much persistence, I began to unlock the secret cures of mononucleosis.  I learned about many very simple natural remedies that start to work on the painful mononucleosis symptoms almost immediately. The pieces of the puzzle slowly fell into place, and finally everything made sense.

The improvement I experienced in my own health was phenomenal. I had an overwhelming sense of relief that my energy and vigor were returning. It was liberating. I felt the sheer joy of living again. I was profoundly grateful to be able to take long walks in the sunshine and fresh air, and spend quality time with my family and friends again.

But I did not stop there. My search for natural health cures lead me to my career as a qualified naturopath, and Director of the Wholistic Therapy Centre.

I treated many patients with heart-wrenching stories of suffering mononucleosis and chronic fatigue. I used what I learnt in my research and my own experience with sensational results. The amazing accolades from my patients was even more satisfying than my own progress. Patients were able to get on with a life of health, vigor, productivity, decent relationships and following their dreams.

Your e-book is awesome, stunning, brilliant…… I am so thoroughly impressed!!!!

I’m thrilled to report that my glands and strange throat are subsiding – don’t feel like I’m being throttled anymore…I’m improving without a doubt.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this book with us, at least we know what we are dealing with and there is hope for a full recovery. It’s a whole different thing when you share with someone who has actually suffered with chronic mononucleosis. That’s why I love your e-book, you’ve been there and address it magnificently, and as you say, you know what works and what doesn’t.

God Bless, Carol G, South Africa

Finally – there is a solution to the pain of mononucleosis…

My program is now available to you in an e-book and support program called “Nature’s Amazing Mononucleosis Cures”.

This is the exact formula that has worked for me and hundreds of my patients. It reveals all the secrets of how to supercharge your immune system and banish mononucleosis once and for all!

If you want a solution that doesn’t take six years to figure out, and cost thousands of dollars, then this is the solution for you.

This is great. Thank you. This book is excellent. Our son was just diagnosed with the mononucleosis virus and I have done a lot of web research. Your information is by far the most comprehensive and constructive information available.

Again, many thanks for this roadmap to good health. I am off now to the vitamin store to stock up on your recommended daily regiment.

John C, Laguna Niguel, California


Feast Your Eyes On Just a Few Of The Life Changing Benefits You’ll Discover in “Nature’s Amazing Mononucleosis Cures” e-book….

  • Powerful strategies to nip mononucleosis in the bud
  • 7 little known but amazingly effective ways to boost your stamina, giving your body an extra jolt of energy that lasts for hours
  • Proven techniques for stress management that enable you to relax on demand
  • Secrets of a perfect night’s sleep, so you jump out of bed fully refreshed, totally excited about the day ahead
  • A new sense of empowerment and freedom because you can rejoin those activities that you love, and have the confidence to try new things you’ve always wanted
  • How to slash your risk of developing secondary infections like colds, flu, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and even chronic fatigue syndrome which can develop from mononucleosis and a lowered immune system
  • How to heal your mind, conquer negative emotions and achieve a happier mood
  • Peace of mind, and the security and comfort that you are doing the best things for your body
  • Best of all – wholesome good health that will add a sparkle to your eye, a spring to your step, a silk-like shine to your hair, a healthy glow to your skin, an alert mind and a new zest for life that makes you happy to be alive!

Imagine how much better your life will become. How much more you can get accomplished during the day. And how successful you can become because you no longer suffer from mononucleosis!

Finally, you will be in control of your health and destiny.

First of all, many thanks for your timely consultations with me about my infectious mononucleosis. I am definitely feeling the benefit of the supplements you suggested.

Having rested 3 days, I started to take a gentle outdoor walk today, and it seems OK so far. I wish I had known about you and your book 2 months earlier, and it could have helped me so much when I was so desperate and helpless. I’m now content that I can always find a way to ease off the symptoms.

I finally had time to read the preface of your book today. I was very touched by your own story, and feel so lucky to be able to get in touch. Thank you so much for sharing this experience and comprehensive information to those who most need it.

Kind Regards,
Dr Liang L., Swindon UK.

Here’s Another Taste Of What’s Coming Your Way Inside “Nature’s Amazing Mononucleosis Cures” e-book…

Chapter 1 – What is Mononucleosis ?

  • What are the symptoms of mononucleosis ? (page 12)
  • How long will mononucleosis last? (page 15)
  • What are the mononucleosis complications? (page 13)
  • How is mononucleosis spread? What is mononucleosis’s incubation? Who gets it? (page 16)
  • How is mononucleosis diagnosed? (page 16)
  • What is the standard mononucleosis treatment? (page 18)
  • What happens to your body when you get mononucleosis? (page 19)
  • Why do some people get recurrent mononucleosis? (see page 22 for details)
  • When to call a doctor – The nine mononucleosis symptoms you can’t afford to ignore(page 23)
  • Danger at the drugstore – what drugs you should never buy for mono (page 23)
  • Why antibiotics are useless and possibly dangerous for mononucleosis (page 24)

Chapter 2 – Targeted Supplements and Herbs to Eliminate Mononucleosis

  • Supplements that work. Supplements that don’t. This chapter reveals the latest research on scientifically backed supplements for mononucleosis (page 25)
  • Nutrients to boost your body’s natural infection fighting ability (page 26)
  • Healing herbs to soothe and comfort an irritated throat, swollen glands, fatigue, muscle pains and fever (page 36)
  • Herbs to reduce liver and spleen enlargement (page 41)

Chapter 3 – The Immune Boosting Diet

  • Little-known secrets about the everyday foods that fight mononucleosis (page 42)
  • Why you should avoid some foods like the plague
  • The fruits that are healthiest to eat, including ones with natural enzymes to help reduce throat and gland inflammation (page 46)
  • Quick and easy recipes to give you fast relief from mononucleosis pain, including Spicy Pumpkin Soup, Chicken Galangal and Soothing Onion and Honey syrup (page 42-46)

Chapter 4 – More Supportive Strategies to Supercharge Your Immune System and Stop Mononucleosis

  • The simplicity of homeopathy for treating mononucleosis – particularly in babies and young children (page 67)
  • The wonders of essential oils to soothe your mononucleosis symptoms (page 68)
  • User-friendly strategies, including massage, skin brushing, acupuncture and oxygen therapy that will supercharge your immune system (pages 70-72)

Chapter 5 – Lifestyle Factors For Optimal Immunity

  • Give yourself a stress makeover – lower your worry levels to help your immunity (page 73)
  • Hot health tips for a good night’s sleep. More than 60% of westerners are chronically sleep deprived! Don’t be one of them! (page 75)
  • The new techniques everyone’s talking about to banish negativity and unhappiness (page 76)
  • The healing powers of sunlight, and how much is enough (page 80)
  • Motivation and inspiration for getting fit (page 78)

Chapter 6 – Detox For a New You

  • The deadly dangers of toxins (page 84)
  • Detoxification – the key to your optimal health. Flush out years of built up toxins hidden in your liver and bowel. Enjoy efficient digestion that gives you a lighter, healthier feeling body (page 82-86)

Chapter 7 – Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Allergies and sensitivities – the hidden culprit in chronic mononucleosis? (see page 87 for details)

Chapter 8 – Your Step-by-step Mononucleosis Treatment Plan

  • How to be mononucleosis-free. Your personal blueprint for creating a super charged immune system that keeps mononucleosis at bay
    (pages 91)
  • How to treat mononucleosis fast. Critical strategies on how to nip mononucleosis in the bud so you start to feel relief within hours (pages 94)

It has been 4 weeks since my mononucleosis diagnosis and I have followed the suggestions you provided in your e-book, taking the suggested amounts of vitamins as well as watching my diet. I think it has definitely helped me recover a lot quicker than normally would be expected. I am now back at work as a flight attendant.

I would like to pass on that your books have been a tremendous help and somewhat a ‘bible’ for helping me through the last 4 weeks. I love the recipes you have provided in the immune boosting recipe book and have been enjoying trying out a lot of the dinners.

Thank you!

Kind regards, Sue L, Sydney, Australia

If you’re as frustrated as I once was, and ready to break out of the limitations you have experienced because of your mononucleosis symptoms, then I invite you to make the investment in this e-book.

You can be free to achieve your goals and live the vibrant and full life you desire.

Visualize yourself with a strong, healthy body – free from the suffering of mononucleosis. Can you see it?

Now, imagine how great you’ll feel with your new found time and energy – enjoying social occasions, having fun with friends and family, doing the things you want to do in life.

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